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We are Local action group „ Znojemské vinařství“ Znojmo viniculture.


Activities of Local Action Groups
Local Action Groups apply partnership approach to the local development, propose the complex strategy of the local development (Leader Strategic Plan) and take responsibility for its implementation. They select the projects to be funded in compliance with the Leader Strategic Plan within the scope of the Rural Development Program.

Delimitation of the sphere of action of a Local Action Group

- subregional rural territory with population of 10.000 to 100.000 anywhere in the Czech Republic, except for the territory of the capital Prague and the towns with population over 25.000;
- the LAG sphere of action is delimited by the border encompassing cadastral territories of all the border villages included thereto;
- the territory is compact, with common features and problems;
- existing documentation of an agreement of all the communities and villages to rank in the LAG sphere of action and of identification of the Leader Strategic Plan;

Terms and selection criteria for the support to the Local Action Group
• the Local Action Group is established on the suitable partnership between the public and private sector on the local level, where the decision-making is provided by at least 50% representatives of the private sphere (economic and social partners, representatives of civil organizations – e.g. farmers, women or youth and their associations);
• the Local Action Group has obligatory bodies, capable to operate the public funds and to provide partnership activities aimed at realization of the Leader Strategic Plan: LAG manager, selection committee (with the maximum 3-year term of office ), the body for preparation of the Strategic Plan and supervision of its implementation (e.g. program committee), accountant;
• the area falling into the LAG Strategic Plan has to be compact and offer sufficient critical number of human, financial and economic resources to support the sustainable strategy of development;
• the members of the Local Action Group must have a permanent residence, registered office or business premises within the LAG sphere of action, or must be locally competent for the LAG sphere of action;
• the Local Action Group shall submit the Leader Strategic plan for the period of 2007 – 2013 according to the binding outline, including fiches delimiting the areas of support complying with the regulation of the European Council No. 1698/2005, except for the entitlement provisions of the Axis II and the provisions of the “Support of the preliminary termination of agricultural activities” in the Axis I;
• the Local Action Group has right to use only one source of funding from the European Union for its qualified (acceptable) expenses.

Our moto is „  Impuls for new quality of life in rural areas “

Local action brings communities together. Members of the local action groups make decisions on projects, whilst the wider stakeholder groups allow for networking.


For more information contact us

Manager Ing. Lenka Mrazkova, email, tel +420 774 150 004

Evropský zemědělský fond pro rozvoj venkova: Evropa investuje do venkovských oblastí